Dealer Login Help

In order to access the documents available to you as a dealer with MJM Associates, you need to have a Gmail or a Google Account (if you don't have one already, don't worry, they are free through Google...see video below on a how-to).  

The MJM Associates Dealer Portal is designed to allow you to access a ton of information to help grow your business with the lines that we represent.  
You will only have access to the brands that MJM Associates represents for you and your business. This may vary due to your type of business (Bicycle, Run, Outdoor, etc), whether or not MJM Associates manages your account or by geographical territory.  For example, you may have an account with one of our brands but the MJM Territory does not include your store for that specific brand and therefore a different sales rep may be responsible for your account. The MJM territory is defined by brand within each brand page.

If you have a Gmail email address ( ie. ) or another email address registered as a Google Account, please view this video to see how to login to the Dealer only portal:

If you do not have a Gmail account or an email that is registered with Google as a Google Account, 
below is a video explaining the process to sign up for a Free Gmail account.  Once you have the free Gmail account, please view the video above this one for help to login.

If you wish to register a non-Google email account (ie. ) as a Free Google Account, please watch the following video: