The Netherlands is known for wet winters and an immense cycling population. There are 1.5 bicycles to every person in this small country. And the rain and snow doesn’t stop people from getting out on their bikes, which is part of the reason that the Dutch tire company Vredestein has something to say when it comes to developing two-wheel tires.   

Located in the city of Enschede, near the Rhine River on the Dutch-German border, Vredestein has over 50 years experience. Employing the latest technologies, Vredestein develops and produces high-performance tires for racing as well as training. Known for innovation, Vredestein has pioneered many developments in tire technology over their long history, including the use of high-silica tread compounds that increase tread life without affecting handling or performance.  
When it comes to quality, Vredstein uses permanent monitoring to ensure that tires meet the demanding requirements of professional cyclists. Low rolling resistance, optimal puncture protection and unequaled grip in all weather conditions are the characteristics that make the Vredestein racing tire stand out.
This season Vredestein is proudly sponsoring the US Bissell Pro Cycling Team as well as the Professional Cycling Team Katusha.  Both teams have delivered countless victories already in 2009 with the help of Vredestein!